Only One– Human Race!

I’m going to join the rest of the world and take you there…

“There,” being the race talk. I AM SO SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT!

I am a white woman, and I can’t stand what I am seeing and hearing EVERYDAY. That black male was shot there, and this black male was killed here. Let’s not forget about this black woman who was beaten and believe it or not but I have read about an officer of the law that rapped a woman. REALLY!?!?!?!?!

OK! I am seeing now how much passion I have for this topic as I am writing. I just want to SCREAM!!!

So as I mentioned I am a white woman living in the same world as of all you. My mind can’t not wrap around how we can all live on this same planet and still think we are different. Can you please just take a moment to think about that…. WE ARE ALL ON THIS PLANET TOGETHER.

Are you white? black? brown? tan? or maybe are you green, purple or pink?

Do you believe in a higher power, the creator of this universe? Well I do! I strongly believe there is a higher power, and I seek my Fathers inspirations every moment of my day. And I know there is only ONE creator, ONE creator who created us all. Yes he created us all to have different color skin, but not to have us kill each other because of it. Either way, whether you do or don’t believe, we are on this earth together.

I also know this man– a black man, who grew up with hatred from the kids at school and dealt with persecution all his life and he still does now as a grown man. But I also know this man wakes up every morning to go to work for over 12-hours a day and he does this Monday to Friday. I also know this same man who has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. This same man is also very educated in EVERYTHING. Really, its incredible the conversations you can have with him. This same man, has a passion for music and when he sings, your heart just melts around his words and voice. I also know that this man cries inside. I have seen this black man cry…  This man is an amazing cook. I have heard this black man pray to our Father. This black man sits on the floor for hours with his son and build lego and sits with his daughter and plays the guitar and sings to her. This black man is the most respectful person I have ever met. He’s humble, patient, kind, caring and loving. What he is not; he is not prideful, or hateful. There is not one inch of hatred in this man.

Like I mentioned already I am a WHITE woman and the son I speak of is OUR son, the daughter I speak of is OUR daughter, and this BLACK man I speak of is MY husband. We are a family!

Here’s a million dollar question! How many different race do you think are in the world?
2? 4? 7?
If you guessed any one of those I am here to tell you that you are WRONG!!
There is only ONE race in this world, the human race. Y’all need to accept that. Once society can accept that we are all the same race and underneath our skin color we have the same insides, we all have a heart, bladder, lungs, ribs, etc… the only thing that makes us different from one another is whether we are man or woman and our cultural differences… Acceptance is a hard character to develop, but it can be achieved. We do not need to walk around scared for our own lives or have hatred in our heart’s. But who am I to preach about this, I am only one person, a white woman in fact who is married to a black man!

Turn your hearts and minds away from the hatred for one another and look at each other for the unique qualities we all have. And keep holding on, don’t give up on finding your hope!

Lost All Trust

As a parent you want to do your very best for your children. You want to give your very best, to your children. For me, my children are my world, they are my shinning light to the darkness that surrounds me from this devastating world. They are my rainbow after the storm. Cheese– I know!

So… you ask, where am I going with this…? A few years ago a load of information came by me, information about our health care system. Information that I’m sure you already know about. Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry is not in business to help us or heal us! NOPE!!!

They are in business like anyone else who is out to make money. That is all they are interested in. “The root of all evil is money.” You think they are here to help our children get better when they are sick. I disagree… So after learning a bunch about this truth, I changed to alternative methods. Mostly using things like essential oil blends, (AROMUNE) green superfood, olive leaf, raw garlic, raw unpasteurized honey, (make sure you are buying unpasteurized honey because if you get honey that has been cooked, then you’re buying honey that will cause it to putrefy in the stomach, this includes cooking or baking with honey. Make sure you are not cooking or baking with your honey) and we also drink Chaga tea. These are the items I have in my home at all time and most of them we take on a daily basis to keep our immune system up and thriving.


So, I want to share with you what I came upon not so long ago. I seen an article about the homeopathic teething pills that had been recalled due to the ingredient called “belladonna,” so naturally I looked more into this. It is no secret that this is a plant that is often called “deadly nightshade.” I wasn’t so bothered at first with this finding, but after examining other homeopathic medicine that I have used before on my children I was… upset!
YES… The same cough & cold medicines that I had once used for my own children had this “deadly nightshade” listed on the ingredient list as “belladonna 3CH.”

If you don’t know like I didn’t, belladonna means “beautiful lady,” in Italy it was used on woman to cause their pupils so open, for a more appealing and striking appearance. Not caring that this was not a wise idea since belladonna can be poisonous. In more modern-day, (today) belladonna is used for a variety of uses like being used as a sedative for many conditions, it is also used for Parkinson’s disease, colic, motion sickness and as a pain-killer. Even though this plant is regarded as UNSAFE, these companies are still finding ways to include it in common medicines and topical ointments. Here’s another use, it’s also used for treating psychiatric disorders.

This plant is also knows by other names like the “devil’s cherries,” and “devil’s herb.”

Upon reading more about belladonna it says the side effects can include, dry mouth, enlarged pupils, blurred vision, red dry skin, fever, fast heartbeat, inability to urinate or sweat, hallucinations, spasms, mental problems, convulsions, and coma.

HUMMMMM….. Does this sound safe to you?

Also, everywhere it is saying it is LIKELY UNSAFE if taken by mouth. Um HELLO??? IS anyone out there??? Are all the so-called caring medical lab techs or the homeopathic persons who make up these remedies asleep when they put these formulas together!!!

Some information I found on WebMD that states, it can also affect the brain and heart. It also says that there is not enough scientific research on the appropriate rages for dosage. AND, it’s also telling you to keep in mind that not all natural products are safe. CLEARLY!!!

(please keep in mind I am not in any way registered to give medical advice to anyone, and I am not telling you to take or not to take anything. I am just simply stating my opinion.)

However I do encourage you to do your own research about the heath care system and the ingredients, and maybe ask yourself if you would feel OK taking something that contained this deadly “nightshade” or “devil’s cherries…”

Thank you for reading my post today, I hope I was able to inspire you to keep– finding your hope. 🙂


Senseless Slaughter


Welcome and please, I encourage you to have a seat, sit back and relax!  I am about to take you on a adventure; one that will impact you for days, weeks, months and hopefully a lifetime… A journey that once and still does have a great effect on my life.

For right now I challenge you… Close your eyes and imagine yourself out off a coast someplace floating on a boat while you have the open sky so blue above you and a pod of dolphins jumping out of the waves all around you….

OK! Go close your eyes and picture all that……

Are you back now? Was that not one of the most beautiful and relaxing moments!

Yeah– if it were real it would be, but here is the hard reality; right now as you are reading this thousands and thousands of dolphins are being slaughtered. They are being taken from their homes out in the wild, by fisherman and being dragged close to shore, then netted and slaughtered… You may be thinking, is this for real? Listen– I am so being real right now. Have you ever wondered how “seaworld” or “marine land” in Canada and all other marine parks get their marine mammels? Well it starts with fishermen like the ones in Taiji. There is a cove in Taiji Japan, that is dedicated to the local fishermen who on a regular basis go out searching for dolphin pods and whales. I am being very real right now… My knowledge came when I was introduced to the documentary “The Cove.” Ask me why this matters and why I would choose to write about it….. Oh forget it, I’m going to tell you anyways!

It matters because helpless animals of all species are being captured and killed, or tortured, then sold to parks all over the world where they are then forced to live in a cage, or small tank with chlorine. They are fed a poor diet and treated with much disrespect. Look at “Flipper” the famous dolphin that captured so many lives from the tv show, the dolphin we all know and loved– committed suicide… And, what about Lolita– the loneliest orca hidden from the public and only taken out for performances. I could go on about so many other captive animals that have been taken from their families by violent force while their mothers scream in pain as they watch their babies get taken or slaughtered right in front of them.

(I just want to clear something up– I do not recieve any benefit at all for mentioning any of the articles or videos on my blog, this is all my will and desire to share this with y’all. )

Have you seen “The Cove” or “Blackfish” before??? I really, really recommend you watch them. Their are so many documentaries out there to watch that promote the same message but these two are the two I’ve seen and the ones that opened my eyes to the BLOODY truth.
A bit off current topic– but just the other day I read an article about palm oil and how so many forest are being cut down and reconstructed to for palm oil plantations. Ok… maybe this sounds like…. yeah so what? Well what occurs when you take away a natural habitat? You are destroying thousands of home’s to thousands of animals and other tiny creatures. Read the article here…
It will break your heart.

I want to leave you with this…. I am not trying to upset anyone, or point fingers in a races way at all, I am so not like that and 100% against that. It is only my hope that more people are aware of what is occurring to our world and wild life. And I, as an individual, have a strong passion for our wild life and feel I need to share what I have learned, with others.  Thank you for your attention, and please I encourage you to leave a comment, let me know how you feel on the matter…